Accepted Papers

Research Track

Full conference papers

Rizwan Ashraf and Roberto Gioiosa. Exploring the Use of Novel Spatial Accelerators in Scientific Applications

Simonetta Balsamo, Andrea Marin and Isi Mitrani. A mixed PS-FCFS policy for CPU intensive workloads

Sofiane Chetoui, Michael Chen, Abhinav Golas, Farrukh Hijaz, Adel Belouchrani and Sherief Reda. Alternating Blind Identification of Power Sources for Mobile SoCs

Stefan Kaalen, Mattias Nyberg, Anton Hampus and Olle Mattsson. A Stochastic Extension of Stateflow

Richard Li, Min Du, Zheng Wang, Hyunseok Chang, Sarit Mukherjee and Eric Eide. Toward Automatic Performance Anomaly Explanation in Microservices

Mohammad Reza Saleh Sedghpour, Cristian Klein and Johan Tordsson. An empirical study of service mesh traffic management policies for microservices

Markus Velten, Robert Schöne, Thomas Ilsche and Daniel Hackenberg. Memory Performance of AMD EPYC Rome and Intel Cascade Lake SP Server Processors

Chuanming Shao, Jinyang Guo, Pengyu Wang, Jing Wang, Chao Li and Minyi Guo. Oversubscribing GPU Unified Virtual Memory: Implications and Suggestions

Rico van Stigt, Stephen Nicholas Swatman and Ana Lucia Varbanescu. Isolating GPU Architectural Features using Parallelism-Aware Microbenchmarks

Short conference papers

Alexandru Baluta, Joydeep Mukherjee and Marin Litoiu. Machine Learning based Interference Modelling in Cloud-Native Applications

Danilo de Goede, Duncan Kampert and Ana Lucia Varbanescu. The cost of reinforcement learning for game engines: the AZ-Hive case-study

Mark Leznik, Johannes Grohmann, Nina Kliche, André Bauer, Daniel Seybold, Simon Eismann, Samuel Kounev and Jörg Domaschka. Same, Same, but Dissimilar: Exploring Measurements for Workload Time-series Similarity

Mikael Sabuhi, Petr Musilek and Cor-Paul Bezemer. Studying the Performance Risks of Upgrading Docker Hub Images: A Case Study of WordPress

Industry/Experience Track

Full conference papers

Ashwin Krishnan, Manoj Nambiar, Nupur Sumeet and Sana Iqbal. Performance Model and Profile Guided Design of a High-Performance Session Based Recommendation Engine

Lixiang Luo, Ihsin Chung, Ming-Hung Chen, Seetharami Seelam and Yun Joon Soh. NVMe Virtualization for Cloud Virtual Machines

Mohammadreza Soltaniyeh, Veronica Lagrange Moutinho Dos Reis, Matt Bryson, Xuebin Yao, Richard Martin and Santosh Nagarakatte. Near-Storage Processing for Solid State Drive Based Recommendation Inference with SmartSSDs®

Martin Straesser, Johannes Grohmann, Joakim Von Kistowski, Simon Eismann, Andre Bauer and Samuel Kounev. Why Is It Not Solved Yet? Challenges for Production-Ready Autoscaling

Nupur Sumeet, Manoj Nambiar and Deeksha Deeksha. HLS_Profiler: Non-Intrusive Profiling for end-to-end Performance Analysis of HLS based Applications

Short conference papers

Wilson Feng, Shucai Yao, Md Aamir Raihan, Kai Ting Wang, Laichun Feng and Chunrong Xu. Extending SYCL’s Programming Paradigm with Tensor-based SIMD Abstractions

Adnan El Moussawi, Ricardo Rojas Ruiz and Nacéra Bennacer Seghouani. Sampling-based Label Propagation for Balanced Graph Partitioning

Kim Long Ngo, Joydeep Mukherjee, Zhen Ming Jiang and Marin Litoiu. Evaluating the Scalability and Elasticity of Function as a Service Platform

Seetharami Seelam and Robert Walkup. HPC-on-Cloud:Best Practises for HPC Workloads on a Public Cloud